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Omni Stress-Relaxation Cube

Omni Stress-Relaxation Cube

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Need an escape from the busy world? 

The Omni-Relaxation Cube is your answer -Therapeutic and fun the Omni Relaxation cube will be one of the softest things you'll ever lay your hands on. The Omni cube provides a great solution to distracting the busy mind and with billions of free flowing Micro-capsules offers a calming effect to the body and hands as well. It's quiet, light and fluffy, can be squished down to a fraction of its original size while always bouncing back to form, allowing it to be enjoyed anywhere, anytime, by anybody.      

Kids Love it, Parents Love it, You'll Love it. Try one today, Relax. 

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Omni Stress-Relaxation Cube

Omni Stress-Relaxation Cube


Features and benefits

What makes OmniPillow different?
• Temperature-regulating design that promotes airflow to retain less heat
• Microbial-resistant outer cover prevents the growth of harmful bacteria
• Supportive foam interior composed of billions of microscopic air pockets
• Ideal for both back- and stomach-sleepers


We offer Express Delivery for Europe & USA within 2-4 days.
Rest of the world within 3-7 days on selected locations.

We offer FREE Shipping for USA Customers and currently have a FREE GIFT promo for ALL orders over $150

Return policy

The Omni pillow has a 100-Night guarantee. The 100 nights begins on the date the product was ordered online or bought from in the store.
Read our return policy here

Care instructions

Easy to clean (although not machine-washable).
Spot treatment is recommended for the OmniPillow.

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  • Supportive For Back Sleepers

  • Breathable, hypo-allergenic fabric

  • Comfortable for stomach-sleepers

Rest like you’ve never experienced before

Rest like you’ve never experienced before

We obsessed over every detail of the OmniPillow design, including:

  • High-performance, moisture-wicking fabric the prevents the growth of bacteria for a healthier sleeping experience.
  • Superior, all-night support in any position thanks to OmniFlow foam and its billions of microcapsules of air.
  • Regulated temperature that’s never too hot or cold when it’s regulated by Responsive Temperature Control (RTC).
  • Easy to clean (although not machine-washable).


Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the cover of the OmniPillow made from?

Each OmniPillow is covered with a breathable, copper-infused outer casing. The copper helps kill bacteria and prevent odors, making it cleaner and safer than traditional fabrics.

What’s inside an OmniPillow?

Revolutionary foam made of billions of air pockets

What do you mean by RTC?

Responsive Temperature Control. We use a NASA-approved material that makes sure you’re always at a comfortable temperature that’s never too hot or too cold.

What is Operation Omni?

For every “best pillow you’ll ever buy” through Operation Omni, we’ll
donate and ship one to a person in need. We’ve dedicated our lives to a
pillow that makes a difference in how people sleep.

How do I clean my OmniPillow?

Spot treatment is recommended for the OmniPillow.

How much do you charge for shipping?

We offer free shipping.

Why is the OmniPillow is your best choice?

No trapped heat with a breathable design that allows for even, regular airflow
The performance fabric cover naturally resists bacteria and microbes, keeping you safer while you sleep
Superior neck support helps you achieve deeper, more restful sleep
Innovative foam interior keeps its shape without getting lumpy or uneven
Available in a variety of sizes
100-day, risk-free returns
Free shipping

See what our well-rested customers think:

Danielle Mcleod

When it comes to sleep I probably don’t get enough with all I am involved with, and so it is important that I get a healthy, uninterrupted rest. I need to keep my focus through the day when dealing with all that is dependent upon me

Angela L

Excellent sleep- excellent customer service Out of this world comfort. 5 stars? How about a galaxy’s worth! The NASA technology leaves me feeling over the moon with improved sleep. I wake up with enough energy to send my human into space! Quick shipment and made the perfect gift, too. Don’t go another night without one. Highly recommend!

A better tomorrow starts tonight