Life of An OmniPillow

Quality is the Priority

The OmniPillow uses performance fabrics that help regulate temperature. We carefully cut the individual pieces from every sheet.

Handcrafted fabric

Each OmniPillow is meticulously cut and sewn by hand in the USA, ensuring maximum quality and attention to detail.

Foam that’s Home Grown

Each OmniPillow is made with up to 4 lbs of our patented OmniFlow material. Combined with advanced design techniques this is the most advanced foam pillow on the planet.

Quantity AND Quality

Our innovative, supportive foam interior is made up of billions of micro capsules.

Quantity AND Quality

Over 20,000 pillows made since 2016 with less than 100 pillows returned!

Prompt Delivery

Our prompt, Free Shipping gets you the sleep supplies you need, when you need them.


Use the OmniPillow to sleep like a baby, without the crying and wet diaper.