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What is the cover of the OmniPillow made from?

Each OmniPillow is covered with a breathable, copper-infused outer casing. The copper helps kill bacteria and prevent odors, making it cleaner and safer than traditional fabrics.

What’s inside an OmniPillow?

Revolutionary foam made of billions of air pockets

What do you mean by RTC?

Responsive Temperature Control. We use a NASA-approved material that makes sure you’re always at a comfortable temperature that’s never too hot or too cold.

What is Operation Omni?

For every “best pillow you’ll ever buy” through Operation Omni, we’ll
donate and ship one to a person in need. We’ve dedicated our lives to a
pillow that makes a difference in how people sleep.

How do I clean my OmniPillow?

Spot treatment is recommended for the OmniPillow.

How much do you charge for shipping?

We offer free shipping.

Why the OmniPillow is your best choice:

No trapped heat with a breathable design that allows for even, regular airflow
The performance fabric cover naturally resists bacteria and microbes, keeping you safer while you sleep
Superior neck support helps you achieve deeper, more restful sleep
Innovative foam interior keeps its shape without getting lumpy or uneven
Available in a variety of sizes
100-day, risk-free returns
Free shipping