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The Pillow

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The Pillow

What makes the OmniPillow so special?

The OmniPillow offers unbeatable comfort, support, hygiene, and convenience. Its high-performance, moisture-wicking fabric and OmniFlow foam with microcapsules of air provide superior support and temperature regulation. Responsive Temperature Control (RTC) keeps you comfortable all night, while its easy-to-clean design saves you time. Experience the ultimate sleep experience with the OmniPillow.

What’s the best way to wash my OmniPillow?

Cleaning your OmniPillow is a breeze . While it's not machine-washable, (our foam is too strong to wash) a simple spot treatment will do the trick. We recommend giving your pillow some TLC whenever it needs it to keep it fresh and comfy for a good night's sleep.

Come on, are there really billions of microcapsules in a single pillow?

The OmniPillow is a high-tech material that features billions of microcapsules of air. These microcapsules work together to adjust pressure as it's applied, providing superior all-night support and unmatched comfort. It's just one of the many advanced materials and innovative features that make the OmniPillow the ultimate sleep experience.

What if I try my pillow and don’t like it?

You can snooze worry-free with the OmniPillow and its 90-night trial. Whether you ordered online or in-store, you have 90 nights to snuggle up and decide if it's the one for you. We don't mind drool, hogging, or even pillow-punching (not recommended!), we've got you covered.

What if I oversleep and can’t make it to work on time because the pillow is so comfy?

Well, if you oversleep because of the OmniPillow, we'll send a team of highly trained ninjas to sneak you into work undetected. Or better yet, we'll send your boss an OmniPillow so they can experience the blissful slumber for themselves and understand why you just had to stay in bed a little longer.

What happens if I’m late to school after the best night sleep of my life?

If you're late to school after experiencing the best night's sleep of your life with the OmniPillow, we recommend showing up with a huge smile on your face and telling your teachers that you were up late saving the world from boring pillows.

What do I do when my family tries to steal the pillow from me?

If your family tries to steal your beloved OmniPillow, we recommend setting up a pillow fortress around your bed to protect it at all costs. You could also challenge them to a pillow fight and show them the superior support and comfort that only the OmniPillow can provide. Or, you could always buy them their own OmniPillow as a peace offering and spread the joy of better sleep throughout your household. Remember, with great pillow power comes great responsibility, so use it wisely.

The Logistics

Is the 90 Night Trial for real?

Short answer, YES. Get ready to snuggle in like never before with the OmniPillow! We're so confident you'll love it, we're offering a 90 Night Trial - try it out and if you're not satisfied, just send it back for a full refund. Say goodbye to neck cramps and hello to sweet dreams!

Do you offer Free Shipping for ALL orders?

Good news - you don't have to leave your cozy bed to get the OmniPillow anymore! We're offering free shipping on all orders, so you can stay snuggled up while we handle the rest. It's like having a personal sleep concierge (except we won't fluff your pillow for you - sorry!). So, what are you waiting for? Order now and let us do the heavy lifting (literally).

How do I get a free OmniCube?

Psst...want to know a secret? We're throwing in a free Omni Cube with every OmniPillow purchase - it's our little way of saying "thanks for choosing us!" This cube is like a mini pillow for your hands, perfect for fidgeting or for squeezing during stressful moments (like when you realize it's Monday tomorrow). And if you just can't get enough of it, you can purchase an extra one for only $5 - it's a steal, we know! So go ahead and treat yourself to the ultimate sleep package. Your hands (and mind) will thank you.