Who We Are

OmniPillow is dedicated to giving people a better night’s sleep. We help provide rest to our customers through the innovative design of our OmniPillow. Through our charitable program, Operation Omni, we also provide OmniPillows to deserving families around the country.

From our headquarters in South Dakota, we want to change the landscape of sleep quality, one night at a time.

Our Vision

We want to put all the benefits of a good night’s sleep within everyone’s reach. By using the most innovative production methods and modern materials, we want to give our clients the rest they need to live more fulfilling lives.

Our Values

We understand how full our customers’ days are and how their rest is vital to recover from one hard day and prepare for the next.

That’s why we’re dedicated to the best materials, the most reliable processes and the most efficient workflow to get our products from the center of America to all parts of the US and beyond. We believe in doing everything we can to help our customers get the rest they deserve.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the cover of the OmniPillow made from?

Each OmniPillow is covered with a breathable, copper-infused outer
casing. The copper helps kill bacteria and prevent odors, making it
cleaner and safer than traditional fabrics.

What’s inside an OmniPillow?

Revolutionary foam made of billions of air pockets

What do you mean by RTC?

Responsive Temperature Control. We use a NASA-approved material that makes sure you’re always at a comfortable temperature that’s never too hot or too cold.

What is Operation Omni?

For every “best pillow you’ll ever buy” through Operation Omni, we’ll
donate and ship one to a person in need. We’ve dedicated our lives to a
pillow that makes a difference in how people sleep.

How do I clean my OmniPillow?

Spot treatment is recommended for the OmniPillow.

How much do you charge for shipping?

We offer free shipping.

See what our well-rested customers think:

Danielle Mcleod

When it comes to sleep I probably don’t get enough with all I am involved with, and so it is important that I get a healthy, uninterrupted rest. I need to keep my focus through the day when dealing with all that is dependent upon me

Angela L

Excellent sleep- excellent customer service Out of this world comfort. 5 stars? How about a galaxy’s worth! The NASA technology leaves me feeling over the moon with improved sleep. I wake up with enough energy to send my human into space! Quick shipment and made the perfect gift, too. Don’t go another night without one. Highly recommend!